Human Resources

Key features include …

Resource forecasting

  • Forecast the split of billable and other time to manage staffing/revenue projections


  • Use WIP to manage project financial backlog
  • Use % complete/budget delivered to manage backlog

Leave requests and leave tracking

  • Enter leave requests by date or date range, including notes
  • Review leave request by admin and team lead
  • Calculate and present personal leave balance and leave calendars (personal and team level)
  • Note leave and public holidays in timesheet entry pages as reminders
  • Manage leave entitlement and accrued leave

User management

  • Provides all users with access to Heads-up through secure login
  • Provides self-managed password recovery
  • Provides controlled access to functions based on roles
  • Represent organisational structure in workflows
  • Manage employment status (permanent, casual, contractor)
  • Heads-up can be designed with your logo and accessed via your own sub-domain (eg