Intuitive software

Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based, business management software designed to work your way. We configure it to your business and processes so you can work faster and smarter, and know you’re working more profitably. Heads-up is an easy complement to your team’s day-to-day work. Seamless integration of your business processes means you’ll save time, gain insight and more easily manage and control your operations.


Heads-up is intuitive business management software designed for small to medium-sized services businesses. The advantage for you is that it combines several core business functions into one platform that can be easily shared, delegated and controlled through an organisation. Simply put, Heads-up makes growth manageable.

Architecture and design firm

Deicke Richards is a leading multi-disciplinary architecture and design practice with a dynamic portfolio of projects throughout Australia. When the business first turned to Heads-up, it was going through a high growth phase and needed to expand its capacity to efficiently monitor projects. The company had outgrown its timesheet entry system – lengthy manual reporting processes and the lag between data collection and reporting were resulting in valuable time being lost.

Environmental and resource management consultants

BlueSphere Environmental was formed in 2010 and provides professional environmental and resource management consulting services to the private and government market sectors. Precise, flexible and responsive project management is a critical part of the business and, at the time BlueSphere started investigating Heads-up, BlueSphere was looking for a project management system that would grow with the business.

Bespoke interior design firm

Coop Creative is a Queensland-based interior design firm that specialises in bespoke residential and commercial interiors. The highly professional and tailored service and the attention to detail offered by the firm mean that effective and efficient project management is critical to its operations. Coop approached the Heads-up team because of their ability to create customised solutions within the existing Heads-up system.

As advanced business management software, Heads-up combines features usually delivered through multiple platforms, giving you greater visibility over your business performance. Heads-up helps you deliver more value to your clients and customers by empowering your team to focus on core business.


Timesheets and Expenses

  • Web-based timesheets and expense claims
  • Approval processes designed for your organisation Business and performance management

Project Management

  • Track budgets, deliverables and project stages
  • Single entry data management from start to finish
  • One-click project reporting

Business development

  • End-to-end proposal workflow
  • Total business development cost management
  • Accountability for account and line managers


  • Complete integration with timesheets and expenses
  • Web-based invoice generation
  • Seamless connection to your accounting system

Human Resources

  • Team capacity and backlog reporting
  • Leave requests and entitlements workflow
  • Organisational structure and delegation

About Us

WattsNet began as a consultancy in 2008 to allow its founding directors to take advantage of an expanding client base. In mid 2009, an opportunity was presented to WattsNet to develop a business management system. One of WattsNet’s clients had been searching for a software product to meet their needs and nothing on the market at the time was meeting those needs. From that grew Heads-up. Wattsnet continues to provide IT services to its clients in the mining, environmental services and architecture industries. As it grows, it is moving more and more to providing software development services to those same clients and new clients.

Malcolm Watts, Director

Malcolm founded WattsNet to take advantage of his expanding consulting business for ICT Services. This allowed him to take on a business partner and staff. With that, he could continue to expand the business by leveraging his skills. Malcolm has a strong background in implementing and managing ICT services for SMEs and can operate in all the major SME IT Platforms.

Ian Watts, Director

Ian is Malcolm’s brother and joined WattsNet in early 2009 to help with some of the management decisions in the company. He took a lead role in the development work associated with Heads-up when that opportunity arose in mid 2009. Ian has degrees in Engineering (Elec) and Design Studies and has built his IT product management skills working for IT consulting companies in Australia, the USA and the UK. More recently he worked for Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary, as a team lead for their suite of public transport information system products.

Our Team

WattsNet has a development team working primarily on Heads-up. When not doing that, the team also build and update other bespoke software packages for clients.


Contact us at
email: info@watts.net.au
phone: +61 (07) 3852 3412