Key features include…


  • Invoice creation and workflow
    • Select multiple jobs or sub-jobs to invoice
    • Assign effort (timesheet entries) to an invoice or carry over to subsequent invoice
    • Assign third party expenses to an invoice (with markup) – capture third party costs
    • Review invoice by team lead, BD manager and finance
    • Customise invoice format
    • Email invoices via PDF to clients
  • Flexible line items
    • Provide one-liner summary of costs
    • Provide summary based on person, activity or full detail of costs
    • Ensure full control over invoice contents – additional line items, comment only lines
    • Ensure full control over line item sale type – assign to different revenue codes

Integration with accounting system

  • Automatically synchronise jobs, clients, suppliers, staff, sales and purchases – operates two-way between Heads-up and your accounting system
  • Update receivables from accounting system (Heads-up imports the amount outstanding)

Client and supplier management

  • Synchronise client and supplier entries with accounting system
  • Maintain details of clients and suppliers – name, address, contacts