Human resources

Key features include…

Resource forecasting

  • Forecast the split of billable and other time to manage staffing/revenue projections


  • Use WIP to manage project financial backlog
  • Use % complete/budget delivered to manage backlog

Leave requests and leave tracking

  • Enter leave requests by date or date range, including notes
  • Review leave request by admin and team lead
  • Calculate and present personal leave balance and leave calendars (personal and team level)
  • Note leave and public holidays in timesheet entry pages as reminders
  • Manage leave entitlement and accrued leave

User management

  • Provides all users with access to Heads-up through secure login
  • Provides self-managed password recovery
  • Provides controlled access to functions based on roles
  • Represent organisational structure in workflows
  • Manage employment status (permanent, casual, contractor)

Heads-up can be designed with your logo and accessed via your own sub-domain (eg

Intuitive software

Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based business management software designed to work your way.

We configure it to your business and processes so you can work faster and smarter, and know you’re working more profitably.

Heads-up is an easy complement to your team’s day-to-day work. Seamless integration of your business processes means you’ll save time, gain insight and more easily manage and control your operations.

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Video tour

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