About Us

Heads-up is the brainchild of expert developers  Malcolm and Ian Watts. It was established to address a gap in the market for business management software solutions based on the specific context of professional services and related businesses. WattsNet initially developed Heads-up for a client that couldn’t find a suitable off-the-shelf software product to meet their business management needs.

With a growing team of software development and technology specialists, WattsNet also creates bespoke software applications and provides cost competitive systems integration services. We build to the highest standards of production quality to deliver systems that are robust and reliable.

WattsNet provides IT services to clients in the mining, environmental services, architecture, interior design and professional services consulting industries. Our team works with people first and computers second, delivering results with long-term value. Each solution supports a client’s needs and processes, backed by development practices that ensure the job is done efficiently and professionally.

A core advantage of the WattsNet team is our multi-disciplinary skills spanning a range of ICT services and SME IT enterprise solutions. We are passionate about helping clients gain business improvement benefits through smart, lean technology. While Heads-up has already proven to offer considerable value to clients, we continue to build on its performance capacity through ongoing development. This ensures that, as clients grow, Heads-up is right there to provide the functions needed to support expanded performance.